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What is a Patient-Centered Medical Home? 

What does this mean for me as a patient?

My children are patients of the practice. Does this apply to their care, too?

What can I expect from my Medical Home Care Team? 

How do I contact my Medical Home team? 

What if I get sick after hours or on a holiday? 

Where can I get more information about the Patient-Centered Medical Home? 



What is a Patient-Centered Medical Home?

A Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a trusting partnership between a physician-led healthcare team and an informed patient. It includes an agreement between the doctor and the patient that acknowledges the role of each in a total health care program.

What does this mean for me as a patient?

In a patient-centered medical home, patients develop a relationship with a physician-led caregiver team that takes collective responsibility for the patient’s ongoing care. Your care team is in a partnership with you to provide and arrange for coordinated care across different health care settings and disciplines.

As part of the PCMH, you may notice:

·         We ask what your health goals are, or what you want to do to improve your health

·         We ask you to help us plan your care and let us know if you think you can follow the plan

·         Written copies of your care plans may be given to you in more complicated illnesses

·         Your care team members are doing more and/or different parts of the care

·         We remind you when tests are due so that you can receive the best quality care


My children are patients of the practice. Does this apply to their care, too?

Yes, our practice, as your Medical Home, is a central resource for all your child’s needs. In a Medical Home, your physician-led caregiver team that sees your child for routine check-ups makes you feel like you are the most important part of the healthcare team. You are welcome and invited to fully participate in your child’s care.

As your Medical Home we will also help you find needed information and resources, such as information about:

-          Pediatric specialists

-          Health conditions and latest treatments

-          Home care and equipment should it be necessary to care for your child at home

-          Support services for your family

-          Other key local services


What can I expect from my Medical Home Care Team?

We Will Continue To:

We Trust You – Our Patient To:


• Provide you with a care team who will know you and your family

• Respect you as an individual; we will not make judgments based on race, religion, sex, age, disability, etc.

• Respect your privacy; your medical information will not be shared with anyone unless you give us permission or it is required by law

• Provide care given by a physician-led team of healthcare professionals

• Tell you about your health and illnesses in a way you understand

• Provide advice to help you stay healthy

• Give the care you need when you need it

• Give care that meets your needs, and fits with your goals and values

• Give care that is based on quality and safety

• Have a doctor on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week



• Tell us what you know about your health and illnesses

• Tell us about your needs and concerns

• Take part in planning your care

• Follow the care plan that is agreed upon, or let us know why you can’t so we can help, or change the plan

• Tell us what medications you are taking and ask for a refill at your office visit

• Let us know when you see other doctors and what medications are prescribed

• Ask other doctors to send us a report about your care when you see them

• Seek out our advice before you see other doctors; we may be able to care for you, or help you find the right specialists

• Learn about wellness and how to prevent disease

• Learn about your insurance so you know what it covers

• Respect us as people and partners in your care

• Keep your appointments as scheduled, or call and let us know when you cannot

• Pay your share of the visit when you are seen in the office

• Give us feedback so we can improve our services


How do I contact my Medical Home team?

You will continue to contact your Medical Home team using the same phone number you use to reach your primary care provider. Click here for a list of our locations and phone numbers.

My St. Joseph’s makes it easy to access your medical information, schedule/request appointments and communicate with your caregivers. Information available includes your medical history, medications, test results, and treatment records for visits within the St. Joseph’s Hospital health system.

Please try to use St. Joseph’s Physicians’ laboratories and radiology facilities to ensure better communication. We strive to get test results to patients within 72 hours. Please call if you have not heard from us within a week after a test.


What if I get sick after hours or on a holiday?

That’s where St. Joseph’s Physicians Urgent Care fits in. Located in North and Northeast Medical Centers, it’s healthcare, when you need it! Open every day of the year, including holidays, our team of medical professionals is ready to handle most illnesses or injuries.

Where can I get more information about the Patient-Centered Medical Home?

For more information about PCMH within St. Joseph’s Physicians, please download our brochure [link to brochure] and feel free to discuss it with your provider at your next visit.





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