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Notice of Privacy Practices

By law, St. Joseph’s Physicians must give you a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices. This must be given to you only one time, when you first come into the hospital. The Notice of Privacy Practices tells you what your privacy rights are. It also tells you how we can use your health information. The Notice of Privacy Practices is very detailed, so we are also giving you this overview. This is a quick summary of what is in the Notice of Privacy Practices.

Your Rights:

• You have the right to request to look at or copy your health information.
• You have the right to request to make changes to your health information.
• You have the right to request to have us tell you who we have given your health information to.
• You have the right to request that we do not give your health information to certain people.
• You have the right to request that we contact you at a different address or phone number that is private.

A form must be filled out for each of these requests. Your request will be reviewed, and could possibly be denied. In most cases you may ask us to reconsider our denial.

How we Can Use Your Health Information

When it applies, St. Joseph’s Physicians is allowed to use and / or release your health information for the following purposes:
• Treatment, Payment or other Health Care Operations
• To report to Accrediting or Regulatory agencies
• To tell you about Possible Treatment alternatives
• To send you limited information such as Appointment Reminder Cards
• To send you information about Health Related Benefits, Health Oversight Agencies or for Public Health purposes
• Listing you in our Facility Directory *
• To provide information to Family, Friends, Personal Representatives involved in your care *
• As Required by Federal, State or Local Law, for Law Enforcement Purposes or for Corrections purposes for Inmates
• For Judicial and Administrative Proceedings
• For Medical Examiners, Coroners or Funeral Directors
• For Organ and Tissue Donation and Research Purposes
• For purposes of the Military or National Security
• For Workers Compensation or Disability
• Marketing and Fundraising Purposes **

* Indicates an opportunity to request a Restriction
** With appropriate Authorization

If you feel your privacy rights have been violated, you may complain to our Privacy Officer.
Privacy Officer
St. Joseph’s Physicians
5100 W. Taft Road
Liverpool, New York 13088

Notice of Privacy Practices

St. Joseph’s Medical P.C. (DBA St. Joseph’s Physicians) takes the privacy of your protected health information (“PHI”) seriously. We are required by law to maintain the privacy of your protected health information and to provide you with this Notice of Privacy Practices. We will abide by the terms of this Notice of Privacy Practices. If you have questions about any part of this notice or if you want more information about the privacy practices at St. Joseph’s Physicians please contact:

Privacy Officer
St. Joseph’s Physicians
5100 West Taft Road, Suite 1D
Liverpool, NY 13088

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